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ROSA MARÍN RIBAS. Freelance designer

llustrator Rosa Marín Ribas provides professional services on a freelance basis. Skillset includes digital illustration 2d and 3d, graphic design as well as motion graphics. Several years of experience in working for bigger and smaller companys as independent illustrator.

Rosa Marín Ribas is a freelance illustrator located in Barcelona, Spain. She's Arts and Crafts degree from Escola Superior de Disseny i d'Art Llotja (Barcelona) and Fine Arts degree from University of Barcelona (UB).



«Stick Insect Genomes Reveal Natural Selection’s Role in Parallel Speciation» VVAA, Figures 1-3, Science, 16 May 2014, vol. 344 no.6185pp 738-742 DOI:10.1126/science.1252136. http://www.sciencemag.org/content/344/6185/738.figures-only

Evolution in Color: From Peppered Moths to Walking Sticks
by Carl Zimmer, National Geographic, October 2013.

Fisiología Animal, volumen 2 Material Gráfico complementario.
Teresa Pagès Costas, Josefina Blasco Mínguez, Luis Palacios Raufast (Eds.), Colección Textos Docentes, Nº 258 Vol. 1 y Vol. 2, Universitat de Barcelona, 2006.

Técnicas quirúrgicas en las prácticas de fisiología animal
Teresa Pagés Costas; Josefina Blasco Mínguez; Rosa Marín Ribas;
Rosa Martos, Unitat d'Audiovisuals, Universitat de Barcelona D.L. 2001, VHS video

Desarrollo embrionario del SNC en humanos
OMADO (Objectes i materials docents) Mediateca - Docència

Evolución desde placa neural a médula espinal
OMADO (Objectes i materials docents) Mediateca - Docència

Diferenciación desde tubo neural a ventrículos
OMADO (Objectes i materials docents) Mediateca - Docència